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Traction Mat (34 Inch x 50 Feet)
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Traction Mat (34 Inch x 50 Feet)

Perfect for many applications!

  • Quickly absorbs a wide variety of liquid spills,including water,oil,diesel,气体,冷却剂,切削液,hydraulic fluids,cooking oil,丙酮,松节油,车辆流体更多
  • Simple to install!定制,roll out exact amount of the Traction Mat needed and cut desired length
  • Cling technology allows mat to stick to the ground / surface with no gaps,涟漪,bunching or buckling
  • Great for extended use.真空度,sweep or mop the durable top layer
  • Easily peel back up and reposition as needed
  • Perfect for areas with heavy foot or vehicle traffic,including fork lifts
  • ADA compliant for wheelchairs and walkers
  • 50 Foot Roll is ideal for covering large areas
  • Lightweight design helps to prevent back strain when changing mats


  • Leaks and drips from pumps,水龙头,hoses,打开油盘,机器
  • Oily or wet floors
  • 过喷雾
  • Metal shavings
  • Leaking containers
  • Rain or snowmelt
  • 入口
  • Walkways
  • 衬里抽屉
  • Covering work benches


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